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WEDNESDAY 24.05.2023  |  10AM - 5PM

Come and spend a relaxing day exploring your relationship with your body, pleasure, desire and arousal. Together with Harriet Yudkin, we’ll find ways to challenge some of the negative messaging that impacts our self-esteem and relationships.
This engaging session in the beautiful surroundings of Lockhaugh Farm will include, a walk in nature and a delicious, nutritionally-balanced lunch.

Specially curated for a small group of women

In collaboration with Harriet Yudkin Training, this workshop, delivered in a safe and supportive space with other women, will give you the chance to explore your own relationship with your body and the messages that we get from society about our bodies, our behaviour and how we are as sexual beings.
We will explore our understanding of pleasure, arousal and desire and find ways to challenge the embarrassment, fear and shame that can have a real impact on our self-esteem and relationship with ourselves and others.
This will be a fun and engaging session, with warmth, humour and permission to give yourself the time and space you need to relax your body and mind.
 PS. We won’t be examining our vulvas in a hand mirror!

Women of all ages welcome*
Harriet is an experienced trainer and facilitator, specialising in sex and relationships, sexuality and sexual health. She has over 20 years of experience in this field and is skilled at creating safe, supportive environments to talk about these topics, helping to free people of embarrassment, shame and stigma.
Deborah is a creative producer with a career in the arts and film before renovating Lockhaugh Farm as a retreat for guests to holiday and for people to connect to nature, new ideas and themselves through a curated programme of small-scale events. 
*This workshop is suitable for all cisgender women and trans and non-binary folk who were assigned female at birth. This is because of the specific experiences we will be exploring. If you would be interested in a similar workshop and you are not within these groups, please contact Harriet @harrietshtrainer to discuss accessing a future workshop.

EARLY BIRD PRICE £155 p/person (deadline 10.5.23)
STANDARD PRICE - £190 p/person
(only 8-10 places)

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Image by Carolina Heza
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